Why Would She Love Me - The Deadeyes


Some things
You can’t see them
Like a question in the air
Lights a certain spark 

How did we get this far? 
Where are we going to? 
What difference does it make? 
How is this possible? 
Is this going to hurt now? 
Did she even care? 
Did you feel that? 
Is it better over there? 

Some times
We stop thinking
Just to feel our way
Right back out of the dark 

It’s not like
I’m some kind of superman (can’t fly) 

Believe me, 
I ain’t got no master plan (though I tried!) 

Ain’t no Romeo, 
I know 

Can’t even
get us backstage after the show 

I ain’t no superman
No Romeo, I know
Why would she do that? 
It doesn’t make no sense
I must have jammed up her radar
Climbed over the fence
(No I) Ain’ t never asked her before
I don’t want to open that door
Don’t want to rock that boat
That boat don’t need to be rocking
It’s my lucky day
It’s my lucky day 

Defies all rhyme and reason
Just can’t see what she sees
That things should be so amorous!

Additional Information:

recorded at Headroom Studios

©P.W. McHugh 2014
released August 1, 2014
(c) p.w. mchugh/the deadeyes 2014

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