The Deadeyes rose from the ashes of Philadelphia’s indie soul punk band Grubstake. This violin driven 3-piece effortlessly traverses the musical genres of punk, roots-rock and soul. John Coursey, who also performs with the folk rock High Hearts and has been improvising experimental space-noise with the Mikroknytes for over a decade. His sonorous contributions have been compared to Velvet Underground’s John Cale and avant garde drone master Tony Conrad. 

Guitarist Patrick McHugh and drummer David McMullin (a current and long time resident of Brooklyn) are the fiery guitar and rhythm counterpoint to Coursey's multi-layered wall of sound. The musical roots of the Deadeyes are closer aligned with the mid-80s alternative punk scene than the more recent emo outfits or garage rock traditionalist such as the White Stripes. Pat’s lead vocals can carry the band with the same emotional urgency as early Replacements and Hüsker Dü while infusing intelligent humor as the shape shifting Camper Van Beethoven. 

The trio self-released their debut record in January 2015 called Demonstrationals and Remixes. The album consists of five original hard-hitting tracks recorded at Headroom Studios over the course of one weekend with Joe Reinhart of Hop Along and Algernon Cadwallader. To complete the concept, the Deadeyes chose several  new and old musical collaborators to remix six tracks which were included on the album.

On the near horizon, the Deadeyes will head back in the studio for more recording as well as produce a brand new video directed by High Heart's Matt Pillischer.