Telephone Message From Cadillac Franky Z - The Deadeyes


Everybody else has all gone home
Up above us you can hear the breeze
I’ll tell the kids my car wouldn’t start again
They don’t really ask me where I’ve been
When they’re at home with Maryanne
She lets them watch the most awful shows on television
And then they sleep late in the morning
If there’s any justice in it
The moon looks bored and unimpressed
But the stars seem to be excited about nothing in particular
How can you write a song about something?
How can you write a song about anything?
Thoughts of yesterday and the future
And the things I can’t explain, which is mostly everything
Now there’s static on the radio
I guess the d.j. went home
Now it’s just night and sky and which way am I supposed to go?
I lost my diary and all I’ve got is
This telephone this microphone
This left here is my road
Some one’s still up
The lights are on
Thank you for listening
Please tell Jeannine I said

Additional Information:

recorded live at The Fire (Philadelphia) Nov. 2015
mixed and mastered by Philly's own Shorty Boy Boy!!

released January 30, 2016
(c) p.w. mchugh/the deadeyes 2014

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